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new hair new happiness

2010-11-09 18:18:21 by kemolove

I'm feeling so great now that I have this new hairstyle yayz

Happy halloween people

2010-11-01 10:31:35 by kemolove

this is late but happy Halloween :D I was a cat for Halloween bet you could have guessed that one before I said it ...anyways I am hoping by Christmas I will learn flash animation ._. so yeah hopefully anyways


2010-10-26 23:19:05 by kemolove

boredom has hit so I am adding my pictures to here so my channel has a little bit of extra ..something to it ...I want to make more sound boards or something to do with flash but like ._. got to get permission MUST GET PERMISSION @.@

I made a flash thingy 0o;;

2010-10-25 22:32:37 by kemolove

yeah I made a flash thingy with macro media ...
I never really got to learn this in school so I had to kind of crash coarse this stuff ...
anyways please do enjoy this flash thingy I made its like a soundboard ._.;;
though be warned it has swearing cause I'm like that...yeah...

I suck at useing paint

2008-06-08 16:37:07 by kemolove

I hate making animations useing paint Xx